Current Projects


Data-Centric AI

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Model-Centric AI

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Remote Sensing / AI for Earth Observation


OCR / Text Understanding
(2018 - 2021)

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Video Understanding
(2017 - 2020)

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PhD Research Projects


Graph-based Agglomerative Clustering

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Coupled information-theoretic encoding for face photo-sketch recognition, face photo-sketch synthesis and recognition 

Inter-modality Face Recognition

Lighting and pose robust face sketch synthesis, face photo-sketch synthesis and recognition 

Face (Portrait) Sketch Synthesis

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Semi-supervised Dimensionality Reduction


Learning Partial Differential Equations via Optimal Control

Course Projects


Internet Image Reranking

Proposed a novel semi-supervised learning approach to internet image reranking.
The images are retrieved by search engines given a query keyword.


Photo Quality Evaluation

Implemented features in the following two papers, and investigated the performances using different classifiers.
Y. Ke, X. Tang, and F. Jing. The design of high-level features for photo quality assessment. CVPR, 2006.
Y. Luo and X. Tang. Photo and video quality evaluation: Focusing on the subject. ECCV, 2008.


Automatic Panoramic Mosaic Stitching

The skeleton code was borrowed from UW's course CSE576.
It is also used in other universitys’ courses, such as cornell's course CS6670.
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Seam Carving for Content Aware Image Resizing

Implemented the following paper:
Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir. Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing. ACM SIGGRAPH, 2007.
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Image Morphing
Implemented Beier-Neely algorithm and deformable surface algorithm.
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Photometric Stereo
Implemented photometric stereo with a chrome ball, without a chrome ball (Hayakawa's algorithm),
example-based photometric stereo, and Frankot-Chellappa Algorithm.
The skeleton code is borrowed from UW's course CSEP576.
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